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Hotels and Guest Houses

Stand out in the Online Listings and get noticed faster with our Exterior Makeover Service. We have worked with some large Hotel Brands and perfected n list of services which can be carried out off-season – meaning minimal disruption for guests and staff. Our most popular basic packages include a full exterior clean of walls, pathways, common exterior dining or bar areas and all fixtures such as signage and patio furniture. We can also offer specialist packages which include Monobloc or IPC paving cleans, Guttering and Fascia cleaning and also full roof cleans to give your property the ‘wow factor’ in time for next season. In general, the exterior look of a Hotel or Guest House can sometimes be as important as the internal views so make sure you get noticed before someone else does. We offer discounted rates from November through to March to get you ready in plenty time to welcome your first guests of the new season. All of our vehicles are equipped with a minimum 500 litre water tank and we also have a Scottish Water hydrant licence so there are no additional water charges to your metered supply.

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Shops, Restaurants and Service Industries

Let us take care of the detail to help you maximise your footfall. We understand that consumer choice of where to spend their money is influenced by many factors and for those operating on the high street, it’s often down to the first glance look. While we appreciate you do everything you can to make your premises look inviting, sometimes there just isn’t time to take care of every detail. We offer a wide range of exterior cleaning solutions to make sure that you stand out from the crowd so the consumers don’t simply walk past. Signage, canopies, pathways, external dining areas, basements, stairwells and exterior stonework can all be easily brought back to life for less of an outlay than you may expect. We also provide services for the back shop, including refuse disposal areas, drainage and car park cleaning. Included in any of our packages is a free pure water clean of any glazed areas and external advertising such as banner or display boards. All of our vehicles are equipped with a minimum 500 litre water tank and we also have a Scottish Water hydrant licence so there are no additional water charges to your metered supply.

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Signage and Canopy Cleaning

High reach sign and canopy cleaning is possibly one of our most popular commercial services. From full garage forecourt to smaller retail outlets, we clean anything up to 7.2m without access equipment which means less cost to you, less disruption for your customers and full HSE compliance. We can also clean up to 4 storeys using our quick build access towers and are fully IPAF certified so the insured risk is fully covered by our comprehensive £5m public liability insurance. Your signs tell a passing consumer everything about your business. Make sure they send out the right message. All of our vehicles are equipped with a minimum 500 litre water tank and we also have a Scottish Water hydrant licence so there are no additional water charges to your metered supply.

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HGV and Commercial Vehicle Cleaning

Launched in December 2014, HGV cleaning has proved an extremely popular addition to our range of services. We have highly mobile high reach cleaning equipment which allows us to clean virtually any size of trailer in any location. We understand that your fleet is your moving advertisement and we have the ability to clean wherever and whenever you require it. Our flexible pricing means you have the choice of anything from a one-off wash to an annual fleet plan which is tailored to the exact vehicle numbers and ongoing needs of your business. With up to 1000 litres of pure deionised water on board each vehicle and fully self-contained washing equipment – our mobile units can clean up to 5 full sized trailers in under 2 hours without refilling.

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Drainage Services

With anything regarding drainage – prevention is better than cure. Our high pressure CCTV monitored drain cleaning system is quite simply state of the art. Specifically designed rotating jet nozzles – guided by camera, find blockages and clear them quickly. Every image from the cleaning process is recorded for simpler cleaning next time and you will be given a full video and written report detailing the condition of the drains, the cause of the blockage and a suggested course of action to prevent re-occurrence. A blocked drain is usually a major inconvenience or an expensive and time consuming flood repair. Either way, it usually means part or full business closure and the associated loss of customers or damage to valuable stock. We offer a full range of packages from a guaranteed call out response, to a regular scheduled maintenance program meaning you can choose what’s right for you and your business.

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De-Icing Services

As we move further into a society which has access to ‘no win, no fee’ claim processes, simple de-icing has brought about a new peril. Clearly letting customers slip on ice outside your premises may seem morally wrong and is also very bad for business, but nowadays, clearing ice can cause as many, if not more problems. If you use residual products such as widely available grit or rock salt, you may be liable to an expensive claim if someone slips on that rather than the ice itself. If you use ‘cracker’ or calcified salts, again, you can be at risk from claims arising from slipping or tripping on residual pellets or half melted ice – you could also be damaging expensive fixtures and fittings or, in the case of a car parks, your own vehicles from the corrosive action of sodium based compounds. We offer a completely different system which has been used in the aviation industry for decades. It can be slightly more expensive than grit, but it is effective down to -26c and leaves absolutely no residue. It is non corrosive and most importantly, non-toxic so can be safely used on large areas in virtually any environment. Our vehicles carry and spray the de-icing chemical in liquid form so there is no residual slip hazard and it is effective until the next heavy rainfall, at which point it is no longer required and simply washes away and bio-degrades. We offer a full range of packages from a simple guaranteed call out response, to a regular scheduled program which is decided by the temperature, the type of business you operate and the primary areas requiring treatment. Being tailor made, our packages mean you can choose exactly what’s right for you and your business.

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"What a transformation!! 1st class job from a 1st class company! Great price, service and communication throughout. I would recommend Alan to anyone looking to get their driveway back to looking fantastic"

– Ross McEwan

"Alan at Econ done a great job with our drive and wall. Really see a big difference with the before and after pics, would definitely recommend. Thanks again."

- Paul Tiernay

"Fantastic job done on my drive looks like New. Alan was very professional from beginning to end would highly recommend."

- Karen Stenhouse

"Thank you Alan. You went the extra mile with my driveway. Fantastic result. Would certainly recommend you."

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